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Nord C2D Demo/Test

Postby cedriccjmusic » 14 Dec 2016, 15:34

Hello all -

Please take a listen to my demo on YouTube (Use headphones/Studio Monitors):
(Here's the link ( ) in case the embed feature doesn't work here.)

Watch on

***There seemed to be a shortage of Gospel musician (Pentecostal) demos of the Nord C2D organ. I figured, the more types of demos of this instrument, the better!

I have just recently joined the Nord family, specifically the Nord C2D bunch.
I'm so excited about this instrument.

Nord C2D = Perfect Hammond B3/C3/A100 clone
The Nord C2D provides the best means of replicating the Hammond B3/C3/A100 you're accustomed to WITHOUT A LESLIE (i.e. bass rig, powered speaker, etc.). When you do decide to pair it with a Leslie (i.e. 122), the sound is INCREDIBLE!

Rotary Switch:
1) Ashby Gigger HalfMoon rotary switch (Google it).

2) Concerning pedals, I'd go with Nord 27 PedalKeys. In my video demo below, I'm using the JG3 Tech pedals. They are a complete DIY project (had to replace cheap springs with rubber bands, pedals cut out when major appliances turn on).

Organ Bench
3) JG3 Adjustable Organ Bench

Organ Stand
4) For a stand, I'd go with the Quik Lok WS-540 Mixer Stand.

Organ Expression Pedal
5) For an expression pedal, the only option that I know works for sure is the Yamaha FC7 Expression Pedal.

To hear my 4-minute Nord C2D organ demo on Facebook:
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Nord C2D Demo/Test


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