transverse flute

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Re: transverse flute

Post by cookie »

M_a_c wrote: 04 Jul 2024, 15:32
papynico wrote: 06 Jun 2023, 17:15 Hi, i'm looking for a sound of tranverse flute , the same in the yamaha motif . Is there anybody can help me ? Thanks :thumbup:
I hope "cookie"s sample will fit. :thumbup:

Myself always looking for some specific sample-sounds of a specified key (corrently the SuperAnalogPad of the Korg Kross) that cannot be replaced by a Nord Sample or any other enginge (i.e. not for my "sonic satisfaction"). The NORD SampleEditor is a smart and nice tool. Sampling is so easy - you just need the Original...

So the "high-end" solution for you would be, to find a Motif User who let you sample this particular Sound (Sample) into the SampleEditor.
Unfortunately I don´t have one anymore - but maybe one of the other guys here...
I can "Sample Robot" the Motif flute if needed : need to know if it's also in the Montage and what is the name.
Remember, this would be a mono-layered Nord sample.

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Re: transverse flute

Post by M_a_c »

... just checked the MODX (=Montage) Data List - no Sound with "transverse" or even "tranverse"... We need an older thing... The MO8 has it neither...

@papynico - just try to find out, on what MOTIF Generation this sound has been hosted...
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