Possible Bug : Pedal Noise Does Not Work in AUX KB Mode

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Possible Bug : Pedal Noise Does Not Work in AUX KB Mode

Post by SuperStage »

I just purchased the Nord Triple Pedal 2 and found that the pedal noise will not work on the AUX KB.

Steps to recreate
1. Connect MIDI controller to MIDI In on NS4 (CH1) and set AUX KB = 1 under MIDI SETTINGS
2. Turn on Aux KB Enable = ON
3. Set Aux KB Layers to Piano B
4. Turn on both Piano A and B sections ON and select the same piano sound
5. The AUX KB will send note and sustain pedal information to Piano Section B, but the pedal noise will only work for Piano Section A. Turning Piano A section OFF will turn off the Pedal Noise.

Can anyone else verify this?

I have already submitted to NORD SUPPORT and added to the Bug Sheet Issue #73

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