Nord piano reliability?

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Nord piano reliability?

Post by Gen1piano »

I'm a prospective Nord piano buyer. I'm particularly interested in the Nord Grand v1 the v2 is out of my budget.
However, everywhere I read or watch reviews, I hear nothing but keyboard problems. Apparantly in the version 1, Kawai were aware of a keybed motherboard problem on the Nord grand.
I know that people tend to write about problems more than good things about keyboards, so its very difficult to get a balanced view.

Would love to know here on this forum, how many users have had problems in the first year compared to those who have had no problems?

Its not a cheap keyboard and it sounds fantastic, and the fact you can download pianos is awsome. But the problems reported worry me.
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Re: Nord piano reliability?

Post by cphollis »

That's the caveat with online forums -- you tend to see the occasional complaint, and not the multitudes of happy people.

fWIW, I've been following this forum regularly, and I can't recall any unusual problems with that specific model. I would have no hesitations in buying a used NG1 if I was in the market.
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Re: Nord piano reliability?

Post by Gambold »

>you tend to see the occasional complaint, and not the multitudes of happy people.<

Oh I don't know. This forum is pretty rich with hosannas from all corners, on all things Nord. Usually when someone complains about something, a whole lot of others come in to rebut the comment. I would know :)

Indeed, I think this forum is probably the most pro-Nord corner of the Internet you will find. There's also the question of who exactly is buying all these Nords and comprising the non-posting happy multitudes. Given the high price of the line, it seems likely that most customers are well-heeled amateurs, music studios, professional performers, or institutions.

Of that group, only the first is likely to spend significant time bantering here - and they will be the only ones who actually spent their own money on the boards. So the silence of the happy multitudes may be the silence of players who don't have any real skin in the game, and/or are users of Nords that sit in communal studios alongside other keyboards.
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