Using the Radial KeyLargo

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Re: Using the Radial KeyLargo

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Deadkeys wrote: 14 May 2024, 04:22 I have just started using my Key Largo as i need it for the DI to send to FOH, but dont seem to be getting alot of gain out of it.
Have a Nord Electro and Yamaha MODX and when my 5 peice rock band starts I find my self cranking keyboard outs, Key largo in and Monitor outs all teh way up. And I have a QSCK12.2 with enough power
I have plenty of output for FOH with my NS3s and Key Largo and I am not pushing anything near its limits in the signal chain. I have never been asked to turn up by FOH or my bandmates.

On the KL, the level for each of the channels is set at 8 (3 o'clock), the Monitor output to my headphone mixer is set at 5 (12 o'clock) and the Main out to FOH is set at 6 (1 o'clock). The outputs from my NS3s are at 50% (12 o'clock).

It sounds like you have a loud band with excessive stage volume. I played exactly one gig almost 7 years ago with my current band with a pair of QSC K8.2s behind me on short poles for monitoring, and I could barely hear myself. Part of the problem was the room, but I immediately moved to IEMs and never looked back. The entire band is now on IEMs with our own stage box and splitter snake that we take everywhere for a consistent monitor mix.
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