The NW2 grew on me.

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The NW2 grew on me.

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When I first got the Wave 2, it didn't give me a good initial impression. The presets were 50/50 and I was disappointed with some of the ways the programming of the synth was simplified.

I get it now. The simplification w/regards to modulation and oscillator setup opens my creativity up to exploring other ways of adding texture and dynamics to my patches. The workflow on the Wave 2 also encourages me to use the FX section as an integral part of the patch as opposed to a bit of color you throw on after the meat of the patch is done. Velocity morphs along with the 4 part mixer, I think, are the real killer apps on this synth. Making each patch feel organic and alive.

Finally, the samples started to make more sense. I now treat them as pseudo-oscillators that set the initial timbre of the patch and then work with drive, filter fm and resonance to bring out otherworldy characteristics from the original sample.

Overall, the brilliance of this synth is hard to grasp at first blush. But once you dive in and come to terms with what it has to offer, I think it is unlike any other synth on the market. I've got plenty of other synths at my disposal (either I own em or friends do), and the Wave 2 sits at the top in terms of my overall preference.
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