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What do you use your Nord for?

Postby LudovicVDP » 19 Feb 2018, 13:41

Hi all,

Just a "talk about yourself" topic.
What do you use your Nord instruments for? Which genre do you play?

I play in a cover band: Mainly pop/rock, from older stuffs to current radio stuff to make the crowd dance (Rolling Stones, U2, Muse, Black Keys, Beatles, Imagine Dragons, Faithless, Pink Floyd, ...) -> NS2ex and NL2ex (+ sounds created on other synth/computer) Maybe 10-15 gigs a year.

I compose a bit of electronic music (Influences: Jarre, Tangerine Dreams, Chrome Canyon, John Carpenter) Mainly NL2ex (less NS2) + other stuffs. But this is only for my personal pleasure. This doesn't leave home.

Other expectations when my piano skills will have evolved :-)

So what about you? Which genre do you play? In which context?
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What do you use your Nord for?


Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby fieldflower » 19 Feb 2018, 14:23

Strictly home use.
Hoping/trying to talk my way into a 70's rock band to see if my organ chops are (or can become) up to the challenge. We'll see...
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby Berretje » 19 Feb 2018, 15:03


As mentioned in my signature, I use my Nord Stage 2 HA88 in both bands.

Soulband Turnback (NS2 + NE4D)
Sounds: piano/rhodes/synth/hammond (NE4D)
Genre: soul, funk, modern pop/funk

Coverband Blush (NS2+Tyros 5)
Sounds: piano/rhodes/synth and external instrument (used with my Yamaha Tyros 5) to supplement it with extra sounds.
Genre: rock, pop (see website for playlist)

I'm also doing some projects with a wedding singer (http://www.SteffiRas.nl) with NS2 only (piano/rhodes).

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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby Tracii » 19 Feb 2018, 17:23

fieldflower wrote:Strictly home use.
Hoping/trying to talk my way into a 70's rock band to see if my organ chops are (or can become) up to the challenge. We'll see...

Same here, save for the fact that I'm already IN a rock band. I'm the drummer and we play grunge... :wtf: But I just freakin' love me some rock organ and I hope I'll be able to convince the guys to expand. Whether it's going to be me playing organ and another drummer taking over, or me staying behind the kit and another guy coming in on the keys, I don't care really - I enjoy both instruments equally. :)

Right now I'm about to record organ parts for some songs to show the others. :keyboard:
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby solmaster » 19 Feb 2018, 19:42

Stage 3 88. Used solo (piano) and for accompanying a singer for weddings and functions, choirs, and keys in a MOR covers band. (1960's-Present)
Also keys for a (soon to be touring) 1970's Glam Rock musical theatre show, plus MD and keys for an amateur production of School of Rock, the musical.
I play it every day. Absolutely love it!

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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby cphollis » 19 Feb 2018, 21:37

Stage 3 Compact above, trusty Piano 2 as a bottom midi controller. Vent II for leslie sim. The sound is great these days, especially through tasty amplification!

Currently gigging twice a month with a Grateful Dead cover band, plus some similar genre material. Mostly piano and organs with a few synth parts and layers.

Over the last dozen years, I've played motown/soul, 90's revival, 80's revival, dance/pop, country and a hardcore americana band. Just send me the setlist, I'm good.
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby stiiiiiiive » 20 Feb 2018, 17:33

Cool topic!

I play in three (rock) bands as an “amateur éclairé”. Read: music does not pay for my food but I could not stop it without feeling sad.

One of my bands is a two headed, four handed rock-electro band. Guitars + pedalboard, synths + pedalboard, drum machine and two voices. One of my keyboards is a G2, in charge of the synth harmonic parts. A Little Phatty plays the bass parts. The pedal board I use contains a RAT just for more grain, an analogue phaser, an analogue delay and a reverb. Along with the Elektron Mahcine Drum, this is the most “complicated” set-up I use.

Another band is my first band we re-formed. We had played 10 years between 1994 and 2004, stopped for 11 more years and gathered again 3 years ago. Influences used to go from The Beatles to Nirvana. Now, you can guess we have even more. All in all, the music is rather energetic. In this band, I play a NE4D for pianos, Eps, organs, Clavinet and a couple of Mellotrons sounds along with a drummer, a bass player, a guitarist-singer, and I do seconds vocals too. I use it along with a Little Phatty and a couple of stompboxes (RE20 and Tech21 Blonde for that matters). The NE4D Rhodes and Clavinets are often highjacked to fill the spectrum as a second guitar would. The LP sometimes doubles bass as a… big-overdriven-sound-machine : )

The last band is a more cinematic, OST oriented rock band. Same line up as before: guitar + lead voice, drummer, bass player and me, the later two doing second vocals. The sound lies between ambiances of old spy movies and western movies. My set up is the same as before too: NE4D and Little Phatty. The LP produces great leads and allows me to use an old radio microphone through its filter and overload section. The NE delivers mostly acoustic pianos and Eps, some rare organs and clavinet… as well as a couple of Mellotron sounds. Hey, what did you expect? : )

At home, the NE is may main work board… but I don”t work much haha! The LP is often connected to some MoogerFoogers for (semi-) modular madness, which is what I spend most of my time to these days when playing at home.

For those wanting to listen to all that, please find links in my signature or make a search on any music streaming platform for DNOT, Toxic Overdrive. Minkovski’music is available only through its official website.
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby magpie85 » 20 Feb 2018, 19:15

I use my Nord Electro 3HP at home as a sound module through my Roland RD 700GX.

I also play occasionally at church in a worship setting. I mainly use acoustic piano, EP and soft pad sounds.

I had to pull out of the band I was playing original anthemic folk stuff with (I used both my electro 3 and my roland) as we had all moved to different locations and priorities changed with children.

I love being able to travel with just my Nord as the Roland is a beast to carry.
Nord Electro 3HP... dreaming of a Stage :keyboard2:
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby harmonizer » 20 Feb 2018, 22:50

I play in a covers band, and my Electro3 produces all the organ sounds and Wurli sounds I use, and almost all the EP sounds. Our band is learning Uptown Funk, so mr-rhodes' NSMP will become the first one that I will have used live. I use the Baby Upright sound for AP on "Werewolves of London" - love the high end. I don't think I will be able to use the AP sounds from Nord for other songs until Nord creates a new single AP sound that works in mono from top to bottom, or until I upgrade to a Stage so I can split or layer the Baby Upright and Royal Grand.

All other sounds come out of my Roland XV. 16 splits per Performance. Not even the Stage 3 can some close to that. Roland has not produced a product which combines this fantastic split capability with truly good organ sounds, so I think that both Nord and Roland gear will remain in my kit in the future.
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Re: What do you use your Nord for?

Postby Quai34 » 21 Feb 2018, 11:27

First band started 2 years ago, March 2016, but with a break of 6 months at the hospital so, more 1.5 years. Classic rock and few more pop ones but not crazy...70 songs in our repertoire but we play usually 36 songs a I gig.
Last year 6 paid gigs only so I took the whole set to have my synths see some fresh air. Bar legions the target.
Started two months ago, pure post 2010's pop band, Bruno Mars Katty Perry, etc...Justin Timberlake Pink...All sounds everywhere so the big set up is appreciate, 20 songs learnt already, clientele is weddings, conventions, corporate events etc....
One Alto female singer, one soprano female signer, guitarist sings as well, bassist and drummer for back vocals, all have already toured plus doing some fill in with a lots of other bands. The two singers have already released two Cd, they are in their 30's...
Setlist below for the second band, set 5 are the song that we will do for request...
Coming Out Gig.pdf
(108.7 KiB) Downloaded 29 times

First band, classic rock of course:
Nashville final Setlist Oct 28 2017.pdf
(55.33 KiB) Downloaded 25 times
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