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Some questions about C2D features

Postby McArska » 17 Feb 2018, 21:52

Hello. Why I can't use JC or Twin amplifier with rotary speaker? It is possible when I play Nord Stage instruments. Sound feels very dry if I don't have this rotary slow or fast when I use JC amplifier for example.
My other question is that can I adjust Vibrato, chorus and tremolo volume and tempo somewhere. I think this isn't possible but six options aren't enough some situations I think. when I play Nord Stage I can take chorus in the effects section and put it only little bit and that's cool. All in all this is great instrument and very easy to use but I think there could be more options and features. Do you guys agree? Thanks for answers!
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Some questions about C2D features


Re: Some questions about C2D features

Postby elseif » 18 Feb 2018, 20:53

The C2D is duplicating the stock Hammond architecture, so in general these things are not user adjustable. Certain characteristics of the real Hammond can be modified by changing resistor values.
  • Percussion - level, attack/decay times
  • Chorus depth
The C2D will allow you to set the percussion parameters to one of three levels. These could be done in real time via MIDI with a MIDI mapper, though it would probably be easier to set up a series of patches to do the same thing. Chorus depth is fixed though, as is rate.
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