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Walk of Life

Postby imwalker » 04 Dec 2017, 10:15

Hi All

I have been messing around with this for a while, tweeking it to get it right, and I think I have it close now. So I have the sound over the two slots (Stage 2 EX - 76 keys), keyboard split into 3, breaks at C5 and F6. Slot A has the B3 organ chords - Im not a good enough keyboard player to be messing with chords so simplified it for myself!!- (Lo) sampled (from the Stage 2 EX) and placed over keys E4, B3, A3 and G#3 and I have the initial organ sound (Vox-858003088) taking up the upper two keyboard breaks.Slot B has another sample WalkofLife, which is the original organ Vox sound sampled together with the background string 5th notes layered over E6 to B6 (this sound is invoked by my control pedal), as well as the string sound that accompanies the verse layered over E5 to D# 6 (on the same sample). I hope this all makes sense. the original song is done with two keyboard players, so its been a challenge to get this right, and still allow yourself to rock out on stage...tried it for first time last Friday at a gig and the crowd went wild!! I have included both samples, as well as the programme file. Havent done an MP3 yet. Keen to get feedback.


wol bass organ.nsmp
(1.19 MiB) Downloaded 57 times
upper two keys fifths sample
(7.86 MiB) Downloaded 62 times
Walk Of Life.ns2p
Programme file
(547 Bytes) Downloaded 53 times
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Walk of Life


Re: Walk of Life

Postby Berretje » 04 Dec 2017, 15:34

Hi Muzza,

Im very curious on this one. Can't try it right now but will do later.
I've got a WOL program myself and I can post that too if you like.

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Re: Walk of Life

Postby maxpiano » 04 Dec 2017, 16:03

Have you tried also this one nord-stage-2-programs-ns2p-ns2pb-files-f15/walk-of-life-t1949.html#p10524 ?
It usese no samples but I find it pretty close.
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