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Sample downloading

Postby Fingerz88 » 14 Nov 2017, 01:15

For my Electro 4, I recently downloaded a new sample bundle from the nord website. When i moved it to my keyboard memory, the original sample bundle (factory sample group) in my keyboard was completely deleted and replace with the new bundle. Are all the sample bundles all or nothing? I would like just a handful of sounds from each sample bundle, and it looks like there’s no way to have two complete sample bundles in the memory at once. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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Sample downloading


Re: Sample downloading

Postby pablomastodon » 21 Nov 2017, 06:50

Hi Fingerz88,

When you downloaded the sounds from computer to the instrument, Nord Sound Manager gave you a choice as to whether you want to add those files to the bank or replace the bank. You apparently chose to replace. You can load the memory any which way you like, subject only to the aggregate limit imposed by the amount of memory available.

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