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Setting Presets under "LIVE" status

Postby The Franchise » 25 Oct 2017, 23:36

OK, gotta just throw in the towel, and ask for help that I probably should be able to figure out by myself. Honestly, I've read the manual again, and again, checked every section having to do with creating and saving presets - but I'm stumped. I even caught the typo on pg 9, where it refers to "Drawbars A or 8". (pretty sure they mean B). If I'm missing something simple, go ahead and start any reply with - "Dear Knucklehead: or any other moniker you like. So, my simple goal is to have the 3 presets stay the same, every time I play in "LIVE" mode. That's all I do all the time. I'm a B3 jazzer, and want my C2D to have some of the same presets I have set on my B. What's odd is, I've got Preset 2 set, and it stays the same, all the time. Just don't remember how I did it. But preset 1 - changes on me when I power down, and fire back up next gig. Have to set it all over again. Ok, enough complaining. Appreciate any help. :silent:
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Setting Presets under "LIVE" status


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