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Another useful BRASS sound (all synths)

Postby ACCORDIONMAN » 25 Sep 2017, 12:06

For synth lovers who have to play brass parts! I recreated my 'All purpose brass sound' with basic synth waveforms (mostly SAW), without any acoustic brass samples. I'm pretty pleased with it, and it sounded good at a couple of wedding gigs where I've tried it out.

(FYI the waveforms originate from a MOTIF XS synth, and NE5D settings are DYNAMICS 1, FILTER VEL ON, VIBE EFFECT DEEP/RATE approx 2hz, EQ OFF)


(Just a warning - the volume of this sound is very LOUD!!)

Original 'All Purpose Brass' here :
Motif Brass Synth Al.wav
(9.6 MiB) Downloaded 92 times
(1.68 MiB) Downloaded 1140 times
Motif Synth Brass Al.nwiproj
(24.91 KiB) Downloaded 59 times
Motif Synth Brass Al.nsmp
(1.34 MiB) Downloaded 223 times
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Another useful BRASS sound (all synths)


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