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Nord Stage as a studio keyboard

Postby BuckW » 11 Aug 2017, 13:32

I know it's niche is live performance but I haven't found a keyboard that feels better to me than the Nord semi weighted waterfall.

I already have a Kurzweil MP10 for piano 88 keys but I also want and need a softer keyboard. I know the clean way to have a studio is to have controllers using software synths but the controllers I've been able to actually put my hands on have underwhelmed me. So I've got a stage 3 compact on pre-order from Sweetwater.

Opinions? Am I about to make a mistake?
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Nord Stage as a studio keyboard


Re: Nord Stage as a studio keyboard

Postby fjzingo » 12 Aug 2017, 23:08

A clean setup is a boring setup,

Controllers are yrnerally crap or wirse. Personally I prefer yamaha synth keys on the mobtage motif. Really like the waterfalll on nords for hammond and clavinet.

I also prefer real synts to soft synts due to the connection you feel with a real instrument.
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