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Nord Lead 3 headphone output problem

Postby ibljula » 10 Aug 2017, 13:11

Hey guys.

I have an issue with my headphone output on my Nord Lead 3.
I only have audio coming to the RIGHT channel on the headphones. If I slowly pull out the plug a little bit, I got a summoned mono signal (the right channel) to both of my headphones sides.

I have opened up the synth, removed the circuit board where the outputs are, and I have confirmed, with a multimeter, that both LEFT and RIGHT channels are working (I get a beep when connecting the furthest inner metal piece (which is LEFT channel) with the correspondent point on the underside of the circuit board. Confirmed that RIGHT channel is working also.

What is my next step to try to fix this? I have not found any NL3 service manuals on the internet.

Thanks for any advice.

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Nord Lead 3 headphone output problem


Re: Nord Lead 3 headphone output problem

Postby pablomastodon » 31 Aug 2017, 10:37

take it to someone who has the service documentation for the instrument and is qualified to perform that repair
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