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Spider program bank for Nord Lead 2X

Postby Spider » 19 Jun 2017, 10:57

Hi everybody!

After digging through all the 1400 factory presets of the Lead 2X, I found lots of amazing sounds. The problem is that they're randomly placed among 10 banks with no logic or order and, without a decent screen and without Nord Sound Manager, it's really frustrating to find and use them. It's probably the only aspect in which the iconic 2X is really outdated.

So I selected and organized my favourites in a single Program Bank, grouping them in categories so you have all pads together, all basses together etc.
I then modified them to my tastes. I especially worked on velocity sensitivity (it's not easy to accurately use velocity on the Lead2X action, so usually I disabled it, or delegated its functions to the Mod Wheel, or used it as an on/off effect) and on using Morph to achieve nice effects, so remember to try out the wheel on most sounds.

I wanted to have an easy to use, quick reference bank of general-purpose sounds, so you won't find very quirky experimental stuff in there.
Please note I didn't try to accurately replicate acoustic instruments, this is a synth after all! So take the category names (pianos, brasses, strings etc) more as an indication of the generic type of sound.

In attachment you have the whole bank in sysex format, and a pdf with the category and names of the 99 sounds.

Hope you find it useful, please feel free to give feedback! This is my first "serious" attempt at sound design, so any criticism or comment will be useful.
Have fun!
NL2X Spider BBBank.syx
Sysex file of the whole program bank
(23.82 KiB) Downloaded 36 times
NL2X Spider BBBank.pdf
Description of the 99 programs of the bank
(10.76 KiB) Downloaded 43 times
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Spider program bank for Nord Lead 2X


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