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First Post: Any idea how many G2X units were produced?

Postby drutil » 10 May 2017, 09:24

Hello! I am new here. I have never owned a Nord. I actually own no synths currently... I sold them all before I moved to continue my education.

For synths, I've owned: Yamaha DX7, SY99; DSI Prophet '08 PE, Prophet 12, and two Prophet 6s (one module); Oberheim TVS-Pro; Moog Sub 37, two Voyager RMEs; and an Access Virus Ti2 Polar. I've owned a Tempest for drums and three Akai MPC 4000s, MPC 1000 and MPC 3000.

I currently own an MPC 4000, a Z4 sampler, S700 sampler, S6000 sampler, and an S3200xl sampler. I just preordered a Deckard's Dream the other day.

Spending all this time with only digital samplers since last summer, I've come to crave reentry into the hardware synth world via digital... Yes, I ordered a Dream... but who could pass that up? :mrgreen:

Essentially, I'm looking for some digital companion pieces for my beloved MPC 4000 and various samplers to socialize with.

I've played several Nord Stage pianos in music shops and am aware of the solid build quality and totally design-forward nature of the Nord UI.

However, I am not a keyboard player and am mostly interested in making weird sounds... which has brought me to the Nord Modular forum.

The Nords that interest me are the Modular G2 and the Lead 4r rack unit that was discontinued. I am also looking into the Yamaha FS1R and TX816 modules.

But somehow I was completely unaware of the G2X's existence until this evening... and I think I am in love.

Unfortunately, it seems that so is everyone else! :thumbdown:

I know this is a good sign, given a G2X pops up in the next month or two...

I am just curious if anyone knows: a). approx. how many units were even produced? and b). how frequently or infrequently these guys seem to pop up for sale?

Also, since I am new here, is the Nord forum the place to come for buying 'rare' Nord 'boards? Or am I more likely to find a G2X on eBay?

Thanks! Sorry if I broke any protocol in this first post... please feel free to call me out!

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First Post: Any idea how many G2X units were produced?


Re: First Post: Any idea how many G2X units were produced?

Postby stiiiiiiive » 10 May 2017, 14:09

Hey Drutil, welcome to the forum :)

G2's are great instruments, I totally understand you falling in love with them!
G2's exist in three flavours:
- G2X: 61 keys make it about 1 meter long (30 inches). For a non keyboard player, I'm surprised you are looking for this particular one. The advantages it has over its brothers are that the DSP extension board comes pre-installed, a goose-neck microphone were included in the package when bought new, and it has a couple of supplementary unspringed wheels. Except all that, same as the...
- G2: 37 keys, i.e. about 21-22 inches long(65-70 cm), the keyboard is really nice to play. 6-7 kg only, really portative. The extension board may be installed on some used market models. I've owned one for 10+ years now. This is one of the instruments I cannot part with.
- G2 Engine: 1 unit 19" rack, i.e. even lighter. If you don't care about using a MIDI controller, that may be your instrument.

For all three, the software editor is the same and will allow you to design your synths and patch them. Controller allocation can be performed from the editor as well as from the G2/G2X. Not sure a G2 Engine + MIDI controller combo can do this.

I'm not sure where is the best place to find one. All I an tell is that in France (say in Europe), the prices right now are:
- G2X: around Eur1500-1600
- G2: around Eur800-1000 without extension board and Eur1000-1300 with it.
- G2 Engine: no ads since a while in France...

BTW the old Modular series may interest you as well, maybe the MicroModular will satisfy you :)
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