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Problems with C2 and tweeter leslie (two model)

Postby keaton » 16 Feb 2017, 00:05

Hallo, I have a serius problem with my combination of C2 and two leslie speaker. In the first leslie 2101 and also in a second new leslie 3300, i have broken the tweeter of the amplifier. Someone known if your organ have made the same problem? I have connected my C2 with the 11-pin original Leslie connector and my sound is like John Lord (Deep Purple). The use of overdrive feature can be the cause of my problem? How I can measure if the output of the C2 is very high for the input channel of the leslie?
Can someone please help me to solve this problem?
I'm pretty discouraged because I have destroyed two leslies...
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Problems with C2 and tweeter leslie (two model)


Re: Problems with C2 and tweeter leslie (two model)

Postby The Franchise » 16 Feb 2017, 15:51

I'm no technician or electronic guru by any means. That said; The 11-pin connection to a 3300 Leslie from your C2 is the absolute safest and cleanest connection you can make. The output and input levels are designed to be a perfect match. If you're killing your tweeter drivers, Dude - you must be cranking everything, and I mean everything to the max. Those speakers are only going to take so much of that kind of abuse for so long and then - you're toast! I'd say to solve the problem, back off the levels you're trying to drive from your rig and Leslie, and perhaps mic the leslie into a main PA. Let the PA get the performance volume levels you're trying to produce.
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