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Dreamy Piano Pad

Postby Berretje » 19 Nov 2016, 23:32

Dreamy Piano Pad
DreamyLandscape_v2.jpg (102.26 KiB) Viewed 1072 times

I've came up with this sound last week and wanted to share this with you guys.
I'll provide a program, bundle and demo.

Dreamy PianoPad.ns2p
Dreamy Piano Pad Program
(547 Bytes) Downloaded 223 times

Bundle (just click skip add in the top right corner!)


Program content
Screenshot 2016-11-19 22.24.45.png
Dreamy Piano Pad - Content
Screenshot 2016-11-19 22.24.45.png (31.4 KiB) Viewed 1072 times

Since there is a full piano in the bundle, it's about 103 MB (zipped 86).

Additional info:
[*]The mod wheel provides the volume of the pad sound.
[*]The pad sound is only in the middle section

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Gr Bart
Dreamy Piano Pad - Demo
(1.08 MiB) Downloaded 2219 times
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Dreamy Piano Pad


Re: Dreamy Piano Pad

Postby nord4dog » 07 Jan 2017, 05:58

Nice sound.

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