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Re: Nord Stage 3 for Christmas?

Postby arecio » 03 Jan 2017, 23:46

Gambold wrote:If there is going to be a Stage 3 (and it would be a little early for one...didn't Stage 2EX come out in 2015?) Who knows, we may see a completely new board!

NS 2 EX is just the same stage was released in 2011 with more memory. I think that 5 years would be enought to have a NS 3.
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Re: Nord Stage 3 for Christmas?


Re: Nord Stage 3 for Christmas?

Postby analogika » 04 Jan 2017, 01:37

The original Nord Stage came out in 2005; the Stage 2 in 2011.

So yeah, the Stage 3 would be about due in 2017. Though the Stage was replaced by the EX after three years, and the 2 wasn't released until three years after that.

So, maybe 2018. In fact, I'd expect them to have teased it by now if they had one in the wings for NAMM or Musikmesse this year.
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Re: Nord Stage 3 for Christmas?

Postby Jasonbass32 » 04 Jan 2017, 06:46

Nothing to base this on but opinion, but I think the the Stage 3 is coming this year. Maybe not until the summer but I can't see Nord not implementing some of the nice updates in the Electro 5 and Piano 3 onto their 'flagship' board for much longer. I expect the Stage 3 will, of course, have the nicer display and related features. I expect the weighted 88 key version to have the triple sensor key action. I did get a chance to play the Piano 3 and it plays much better. I think the Stage 3 SW73 will have physical drawbars as they did with the Electro 5 SW73. I don't know if they will expand the Piano memory much, if at all, 1GB is not bad and it's what's in the new Piano 3. However, i do think the sample memory will be increased, hopefully also to 1GB. I expect at least one other 'surprise' in the Stage 3, maybe some add ons to the synth section and better external miid controls as well, but i am less confident in those things happening. We'll see.
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Re: Nord Stage 3 for Christmas?

Postby Gambold » 04 Jan 2017, 17:03

>but I think the the Stage 3 is coming this year. <

Ain't no harm in hoping. This is kind of what I was speculating about when inquiring on market share and how Clavia is doing in general. Is there a significant enough demand for a Stage 3 right now, and if so, what is driving that demand?

It seems to me that the 2EX is in the middle of its life cycle and doesn't need to be updated...UNLESS the market isn't responding to it in the expected numbers. That kind of information is very hard to come by - and you won't get it from sales reps at conventions.


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