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Technical Details of the Nord C2D

Postby Jesco » 30 Aug 2014, 03:32

Hello dear Users of the Nord forum,

I heard and saw a couple reviews of the new C2D Organ and I'm really exited about it. Especially the Baroque Pipe Organ is my personal favourite and it seems to be right ahead with the best available software Pipe Organ Programs with several gigabytes. I guess the Stereo Chorus- and the Rotary Effects as well as the other ones of the engine are strengthen this impression. My only concern is that there are no more samples like the baroque! Is there a possibility for updates and extra samples in this category?

Technically I would be interested in the benefits of the DSP Engine itself. I only know the specifications of the Nord Lead A1 Keyboard form Nord and others of it's class. They have a 24 Bit and 96 KHZ Sound Engine. So is the same implemented in the C2D too, or is there a 32 Bit Float Processor? In addition to the digital thematic I'm wondering about the outputs. There are no digital S/PDIF connectors. I think that's curious in times of Digital Audio Workstations in almost every studios. With good D/A converters and good shielded audio cables there should be no need for worries, but nevertheless i wonder about the need of a D/A - A/D workflow chain, in fact of the digital internal samples of the C2D. So I mean it would be no big technical step to implementate a digital output at all. Am I right with my speculations so far?

My other point of view is the internal Rom or NAND Sample Memory. For example the Nord Stage 2 Keyboard has at least 880 MB useable samples and so i think the overall memory size of the chips is about 1 GB size. So my question is: Is the C2B comparable at this point with the Nord Stage 2? How big are all the samples together?

I'm really happy to review the C2D Organ and look forward with enthusiasm to get a owner of one fabrication in the coming time.

I'm thanking all people for the effort of writing me answers.

Best wishes

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Technical Details of the Nord C2D


Re: Technical Details of the Nord C2D

Postby Nordlicht » 30 Aug 2014, 08:13

Hi Jesco,

sorry to disappoint you but:
- There is absolutely NO possibility to change the samples of the pipe organ. There is only this ONE type of pipe organ (of course you can save and load your individual registrations = programs).
- The rotary (Leslie) effect, the speaker simulation and the overdrive can't be applied to the pipe organ (only reverb, EQ and delay can).
- There are no information available about the size of the sample memory of the Nord organs (because that doesn't matter).

The Nord organs are fantastic instruments to recreate the sounds of the good old tone-wheel Hammond organs (incl. the Leslie speaker effect) and the well-known transistor VOX and Farfisa organs. Btw, these sounds are no samples!
The pipe organ of the Nord C2 and C2D (they are identical) is actually a very nice Baroque type and I also like it very much. But as I said: There is only this one.

If you are looking for "pipe organs" you could look for other manufacturers / types of organs, e.g. here: Or you could use some software with an external keyboard.

If you like the "package" of the Nord organs but you will use the pipe organ most I would prefer the Nord C2 without the drawbars. Here the registrations are switched by buttons/knobs. At the C2D you have to pull and draw the drawbars which is for this use (= toggling) a bit circuitous. And you can get a second-hand C2 now quite cheap...

Good luck and have a nice weekend!
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