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Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches

Postby Johannes » 24 Apr 2011, 13:32


as posted here, Helmuth aka Klangwerk posted his backup of Nord Patches for a Classic/EX to download: <UPDATE: megaupload link removed since it was shut down by the FBI>.
I extracted the patches and attached them here as zipped file.
There are some really nice patches, including great patches for well-known cover songs.
Kudos to Helmuth for sharing them here, and all credits go to him obviously!
I also attached a small number of patches I particularly liked as I had not heard something similar so far. Will see if I find time to do some small mp3 samples.
Here is the list of pianos installed for these patches:
pianos_helmuth.png (9.22 KiB) Viewed 4373 times

Thanks for sharing Mr. Klangwerk!!!
(46.56 KiB) Downloaded 483 times

EDIT: I added some MP3 samples of those patches, the only one to blame for crappy playing is myself!

(426 Bytes) Downloaded 644 times

Senza Una Donna.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 801 times

Whitesnake MW.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 736 times

Pink Floyd Organ.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 790 times

- - INSOMNIA - -.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 813 times

(426 Bytes) Downloaded 703 times

Ein Stern der de.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 673 times
(293.06 KiB) Downloaded 2720 times
Senza Una Donna.mp3
(406.53 KiB) Downloaded 3110 times
Whitesnake MW.mp3
(748.57 KiB) Downloaded 3499 times
Pink Floyd Organ.mp3
(436.33 KiB) Downloaded 4212 times
(381.63 KiB) Downloaded 3196 times
(176.73 KiB) Downloaded 3183 times
Ein Stern der de.mp3
(274.69 KiB) Downloaded 2640 times
Deep Purple Dist.nspg
(426 Bytes) Downloaded 383 times
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Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches


Re: Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches

Postby Klangwerk » 26 Apr 2011, 10:25

Hi Johannes,

thank you very much for your help and that everybody can use my sounds now.
If there is any need, Johannes has got my backup. I couldn´t implement this backup in this homepage,
because of memory-problems. But, as I mentioned, If there is a need, I can send the programm-files or
now, Johannes has the backup as well.
Thank You.

Helmuth Schicker
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Re: Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches

Postby Frantz » 31 Jul 2011, 13:07

Hi Helmuth,

I wish you could give these patches for the NS2 !!
I like all of them very much.

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Re: Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches

Postby The_Schnitzel » 29 May 2019, 18:02

Hi Helmuth - is it possible to find the Sound for 'Just A Girl' No Doubt - battling terrible on the Nord Stage 2 - thanks and greetings
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Re: Klangwerk/Helmuth's Patches

Postby dennys » 26 Nov 2019, 21:30

dear Helmut,
I wonder if you speak german -
I just bought a Classic stage Revision 3 76 and try to figure out how it works -
there are many programs who don't sound - Maybe you can help me to set it up
I am playing in an 80s band and want to put 80s sounds on the stage
hope to hear from you
best regards

my threat is dennys looking for 80s sounds
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