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Keane CP-70 sound

Postby Johannes » 07 May 2009, 10:31


I am currently trying to get a as close as possible sound of Keane since I have to do a cover of some of there songs.
Basically, I really like the CP-80 piano in the stage, but it is missing some effects, as far as I guess some chorus, very little reverv and probably a bit of compression, but have not yet get a completely satisfying sound such as in "somewhere only we know", anyone tried something like that??
Seeing these guys live, it would apparently be nice to have a "real" CP-x0 in the grand piano form, but the Stage's beautiful as well ;-)
thanks, Joe

btw, Keane's KB shouldn't have problems getting respect as keyboard player (nice discussion on this topic here:
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Keane CP-70 sound


Re: Keane CP-70 sound

Postby kagamul » 09 May 2009, 15:24

I recently had the chance to play a real CP-70. I'd say it is the pure CP-x0 sound with just a hint of chorus. His foot rarely gets of the pedal, wich causes a lot of sympathetic resonance. And I guess he has a good preamp with lots of headroom. I don't think clavia implemented pedal down samples in the CP-80 library.

Imagine how nice the Stage would sit on top of the CP-70! ;o)
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