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Note/voice allocation

Postby Jon Lukas » 08 Feb 2024, 17:59

The Nord Wave 2 page says it has 48 voices of polyphony.

Does anyone know how these are allocated? It seems to me that there are 12 voices per layer, so that if you use only one layer for the whole keyboard, you only get 12 notes of polyphony.

I have some programs that just use one layer, so I tried copying one layer to all four layers, and splitting the keyboard so that it plays just like there was only one layer, but each layer is assigned to a different range on the keyboard. When doing this, it seems to sound better; perhaps there is more polyphony this way? It seems this is the case, but I'm not able to confirm.

Anyone have specific info on voice allocation?
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Note/voice allocation


Re: Note/voice allocation

Postby aakash » 14 Feb 2024, 20:31

From what I understand and from how every other Nord synth works, if you use only one layer you get full polyphony (48 voices). Every layer you add decreases polyphony by dividing 48 by the number of layers. Not sure how mono/legato modes factor into this.
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