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Anyone know of a decent electric violin sample?

Postby Midinotes » 01 Jun 2018, 19:04

I'm after an electric violin sample for the Nord Electro 5D, similar to that used by the Corrs. Putting a standard violin patch through various amplifier plugins doesn't give me the same result...

Any ideas?

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Anyone know of a decent electric violin sample?


Re: Anyone know of a decent electric violin sample?

Postby dmamfmgm » 15 Jan 2024, 22:15

Fellow The Corrs fan here. I think Runaway has a straight violin, no effects at 0:40 to 0:45. But there's a lot more going on in the first 10 seconds. It was hard for me to figure it all out, I had to do a lot of listening. I think it's a Nyckel Harp and Tin Whistle. Use a very light touch on the B flat in there.

The Corrs:
Watch on

I have a Stage 3 and I know it doesn't translate to the Electro 5D but this is what I think it sounds like. Well, I didn't put a custom sample for a Tin Whistle in it. Give it a listen.

Since I didn't add a sample, my own post shouldn't be here in the Nord User Samples subforum but that's where I found your post, so I'm leaving it here for now. If you're on an Electro 5D, I've PDFed the program using the Sample Viewer -
Runaway - Corrs - viewer.pdf
(486.85 KiB) Downloaded 39 times
Runaway - Corrs.ns3f
NS3F program for Nord Stage 3
(592 Bytes) Downloaded 28 times
MIDI recording of the demo
(951 Bytes) Downloaded 25 times
(439.23 KiB) Downloaded 1099 times
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