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Slap Bass (vel switch) (samples + bundle for NS-3)

Postby Inside_Joke » 14 Jan 2024, 12:22

Hi all,

Here's a velocity switched Slap Bass for the NS3/4.

Layer the two samples (softer and harder) and funk along. All the notes were sampled, so bit heavy on the byte side.

For the NS-3 there's is a bundle: It comes with a clavi as piano sample, a bundle needs at least on of ém.

SL-BASS V-switch.ns3fb
NS-3 Bundle
(16.48 MiB) Downloaded 26 times
(138.98 KiB) Downloaded 810 times
Sl Bass MF sample
(5.25 MiB) Downloaded 25 times
Sl bass MP sample
(5.57 MiB) Downloaded 24 times
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Slap Bass (vel switch) (samples + bundle for NS-3)


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