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Re: Fat Analog Strings

Postby Gyauhm » 23 Nov 2023, 20:40

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Re: Fat Analog Strings


Re: Fat Analog Strings

Postby DJKeys » 23 Nov 2023, 22:31

This is an excellent sample, I just put it into both of my instruments. Even in the upper octaves the aliasing is virtually non existent. This is a great sample to blend with other string samples, synth sounds, just about anything. A little filter drive also sounds great with this sample.

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Re: Fat Analog Strings

Postby jpdale » 26 Nov 2023, 12:09

Could I also request the original .wav file, please? I'd like to make a NS2 version.
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Re: Fat Analog Strings

Postby TvR69 » 26 Nov 2023, 23:09

I’ve send you a PM
And here is the .nsmp file in case other people with a NS2 also want to use the sample..
Fat Analog Strings.nsmp
(12 MiB) Downloaded 44 times
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Re: Fat Analog Strings

Postby NS4Carlo » 27 Nov 2023, 23:24


Carlo from the Netherlands!
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