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rookie new sample question

Postby echo44 » 14 Nov 2023, 03:34

I bought my Nord stage 4 a few months ago.
How do I know what samples have been updated since my purchase? I have heard there are new factory installed samples from the ones on my unit
1) how do I compare what samples I have to the newer versions (find out what I need)
2) How can I load those samples in without changing the programs that are using them
3)I have heard there is a way to exchange samples with a "substitute" option with Nord sound manager?
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rookie new sample question


Re: rookie new sample question

Postby catosim » 14 Nov 2023, 09:44

Connect the Stage 4 to a laptop that are running Nord Sound manager.
In the NSM you will be able to see what sample-versions you have in your instrument. Compare them to this list: general-nord-forum-f29/differences-between-v6-and-v5-piano-samples-t24453-10.html?hilit=piano%20list
or this list: general-nord-forum-f29/models-of-piano-samples-t19136.html?hilit=white%20silver%20black%20lady%20velvet#p128240

If you want to swap a sample with another version, then you can use the substitute option in the NSM.
Right click on the sample you want to swap, and chose "substitute". Then you will be prompted to navigate to the folder you have downloaded the new version, and click on the sample you want do use.
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Re: rookie new sample question

Postby FZiegler » 14 Nov 2023, 09:46

There is a newsletter from Nord that you may subscribe to: a rare thing but one point that may help. There is the NEW section in the sample library: ... -40/latest. And there are posts on this forum. All this together may help a little.

Aside from this you should know your samples - then you know what you miss and may look after. This won't happen from one day to another.

Indeed there are two factory restore files: The newer with, the older without EP9 Stockholm. You can download both files, rename them to *.ZIP and watch the content; but you can't pre-listen. I wouldn't do it.

Loading more programs is doable - individually or by bank. But you won't have more space for samples, so you need to delete others or replace/substitute them.

There are also more piano samples than you can load - so what you will do with your instrument is shaping it to your own liking and needs. Deleting all programs and starting from scratch is absolutely OK, but not all users do it this way. It might be a solution to backup every program bank before. Anyway, you won't find the needed samples on your instrument anymore after a while of intense use. Of course you would be able to restore the factory sounds at some point; maybe save a copy for your needs.
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Re: rookie new sample question

Postby echo44 » 16 Nov 2023, 20:33

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