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Nord wave 1 vs Nord wave 2

Postby JunoJuno » 03 Mar 2022, 18:06

I have both machines, I have tried over time to analyze them and in my opinion the filters and envelopes section is better in nw1. I also found that wavetables are better than on wave 2 they are even less.
Wave 2, on the other hand, is more incisive than its samples that sound beautifully and obviously in other things besides the splendid keyboard.
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Nord wave 1 vs Nord wave 2


Re: Nord wave 1 vs Nord wave 2

Postby andy_felon » 03 Mar 2022, 18:18

Filter better because more variant and drive better. Envelope nw2 same nw1. Fm on nw2 better. + arp, seq, pitch +-12. Reverb and delay on nw2 better. Nw1 lfo better
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Re: Nord wave 1 vs Nord wave 2

Postby eisblau » 07 Dec 2022, 00:10

They have not much in common to be honest. Nord Wave 1 is a real synthesizer where you can crossmodulate the samples, in NW 2 you can only layer and filter them. I like both, but the missing more complex synthesizer features in NW2 are a bit of a missed opportunity.
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Re: Nord wave 1 vs Nord wave 2

Postby soundxplorer » 07 May 2023, 04:29

Only 99 sample slots on the NW1 was extremely limiting for me, but I still loved it. It can't split programs across the keyboard, that was another frustration. And no arpeggiator.
I traded up to the NW2 for those reasons and I'm very happy with it. Yes, they should have kept the second LFO. That was a strange decision. But it works for my purposes.
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