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Behringer fcb1010 and STAGE 3 setup

Postby hackter » 18 Mar 2023, 23:17

Hello greetings from Chile

I am new with nord (1 year) and I would like to know if you can help me with the configuration of the Behringer fcb1010 pedal on my nord Stage 3 I would like to know how to configure the up/down to change the programs, configure the expression pedals such as volume and rotor , and set each program to each of the 10 pedals that come with it.

I would greatly appreciate your help as I couldn't find anything. Beforehand thank you very much.
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Behringer fcb1010 and STAGE 3 setup


Re: Behringer fcb1010 and STAGE 3 setup

Postby FZiegler » 19 Mar 2023, 00:15

There is no MIDI up/down command for the Stage 3, so you won't be able to create a global uP/down function on the 5/10 pedals of the fcb1010. As you can only send absolute program numbers to the Stage 3, not relative ones, you'd need to know what program number you are in in order to send the direct program number one place above or below. Which works with some 'intelligent' MIDI controllers, but not the dumb programmable fcb1010. Which in contrary would easily be possible with a simple Boss FS-6 (not MIDI).

Using a MIDI expression pedal will probably not be as flexible as a normal expression pedal for the control pedal function -- but you may try to send the value on Global MIDI channel.

What I'd recommend: Sell the fcb1010 and get a bunch of dedicated pedals for your Stage 3.
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Re: Behringer fcb1010 and STAGE 3 setup

Postby Rackmount » 21 Mar 2023, 15:34

I have a Roland FC300 pedal and have it programmed to change to programs I want on my NS3 with a single pedal push. You will need to know the MSB and LSB numbers to make the program change. I found them easily in a Google search. I do not know the particulars of the Behringer pedal but you can likely find a Youtube tutorial showing how to program your Behringer pedal for the Nord. I'm pretty sure I had to use a Behringer tutorial to see a method to control the Nord as there are limited Roland FC300 tutorials out there. I have also been able to program notes/chords/samples to be triggered from pedal pushes and can tap dance into musical heaven while playing other instruments. Ported that over to the Roland pedal as well from another Behringer tutorial.

I did look at the Behringer pedal when making my decision for additional pedals. The Roland won out for several reasons but the Behringer was a close second. Almost got one as a spare just because it would have made initial programming easier to go with what tutorials used. They are cheap enough in cost and robust enough to gig. Roland just did more than Behringer pedal for studio equipment control, and I may eventually scratch the itch for the guitar synth that the FC300 controls.



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