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Re: Nord Lead 3 Rack -Does not remember the last setting

Postby 23skidoo » 18 Mar 2023, 21:19

Not sure I understand the question, but I think it is off the current topic and should really be its own thread.

Are you asking if there are any factory programs with User 1 or User 2 categories? If so, the answer is no: those are, as they say, reserved for your own sounds. Once you create and save sounds with one of those categories, they become visible as a category when sorting programs by category. Until then, they are hidden.

The browse modes hide entries where there are no programs - for instance, similarly if you have no programs in bank 4, bank 4 will be skipped when selecting programs by bank.


If you're asking if you can only save sounds with User 1 or User 2 categories, no, you can save sounds with any category you like. User 1 and User 2 are provided in case the predefined category names don't suit your sense of organization (for instance, if you wanted a category just for bell and gong sounds, you might use User 1 for all bell and gong, and perhaps you want User 2 to be stab hits, or something -- whatever you like, they're for you to interpret as additional categories).
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Re: Nord Lead 3 Rack -Does not remember the last setting


Re: Nord Lead 3 Rack -Does not remember the last setting

Postby sieben » 19 Mar 2023, 08:42

Thank you very much for the info!
Was not sure if I should open a new topic because it had to do with save. I have this Lead 3 only a few weeks and must state he is of all Lead's the most elaborately produced synthesizer. (LED wreaths, display, filter section, etc.) Since I bought this unit used, I did a factory reset and is thus in the delivery state. Kudos, there are a lot of great sounds. A compliment to the programmers. Now then.
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