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Nord Wave Sampling

Postby 1trackmind » 16 Mar 2023, 06:06

Hello Nord fam. I’m currently a student at fullsail for Audio Production. I swooped up Nord Wave 1 for amazing deal.. I looked online I was curious if you can add Samples like the Nord Stage ? If do you use the sample editor to add samples.
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Nord Wave Sampling


Re: Nord Wave Sampling

Postby maxpiano » 16 Mar 2023, 08:47

Hello, yes of course, as you can read on NW product page features description, specs and ... NW manual (also downloadable from Nord website) ;-)

This review by SoundOnSound is also a good read about NW https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/clavia-nord-wave
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Re: Nord Wave Sampling

Postby vojtech-h » 16 Mar 2023, 09:14

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Re: Nord Wave Sampling

Postby NoDirection » 16 Mar 2023, 11:50

Nord Wave 1 got 189Mb Flash Memory (180Mb for user samples) - So - yes you can add some samples...
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Re: Nord Wave Sampling

Postby alex78 » 16 Mar 2023, 22:16

The original wave can use only the old format with .nsmp file extension, the newer .nsmp3 are not compatible. However you may have to free some space in the sample memory if it is full, you can delete already already installed samples using the nord sound manager. Mind that any program using a sample will be affected if you put another sample in the same place. The sample editor software you are reffering to, is used inorder to create your own samples, you can not edit existing samples with it unless you have the original recordings (.wav files) and the project file (.nwiproj). A study of the manual will help a lot to undestand how all this works.
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