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Bug Report: Wrong Rating on NORD USER SOUNDS

Postby Midimaster » 10 Mar 2023, 18:37

I think I found a bug on the partner site NORD USER SOUNS!

What happened:

I tried to find some SAX sounds on your 2nd page NORD USER SOUNDS. So I started a search with the keyword "sax". A list appeared...

In the list I opened the deeper information (dropdown) of SOPRANO SAX ( 50343) and also BRASS SAX (1296). At the end I decided for BRASS SAX and wanted to rate it with 5 stars.

But my stars looked like not beeing accepted. So I tried again and again. Suddenly I recognized, that the (still) open SOPRANO SAX got all 4 ratings.

Now I closed all deep informations except this of BRASS SAX and rated it again with 5 stars. Now it worked.

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Bug Report: Wrong Rating on NORD USER SOUNDS


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