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How to recover Nord Drum 3P after failed OS update?

Postby Oggi2 » 17 Jan 2023, 00:09

[img][img][/img][/img]I have a Nord Drum 3P on the original OS from factory, that I was trying to update: But the update has failed and the unit seems locked out.

I nstalled the Nord Drum 3 manager 1.28 and the Update Nord Drum package on the Mac computer, to update to Nord Drum 3 Os 1.24. This installation was fine.

I then connected the Nord Drum 3P via MIDI to the MAC computer and began the OS update process. The OS update initiated and began OK, but after about 10 minutes had stalled and the Nord Drum Manager and the Nord Drum Update program were no longer seeing the Nord Drum 3P unit via midi connection. After waiting, nothing changed. So I had to restart the unit.

But now the Nord Drum 3P unit does not start up as normal into a kit. It only says "UPd r dy" on the LED on the unit.

And the Nord Drum Manager program on the Mac says either:
- "ERROR: Prog Dump not supported. Please restart drum" . but restarting does not change anything. Just returns to same error messages after restarting.
- or "Unable to connect to drum, Unknown error"

The Nord Drum Update program on the Mac says:
"Connected but unable to get OS version and build".

How do I reset the unit to factory state or complete the OS reinstallation?

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How to recover Nord Drum 3P after failed OS update?


Re: How to recover Nord Drum 3P after failed OS update?

Postby wartaler » 17 Jan 2023, 14:54

Hi Oggi2,

That is quite unfortunate, a similar problem was mentioned in a topic in 2013, but it is not clear to me how it was solved then: nord-drum-forum-f27/nord-drum-freezing-while-updating-o-t4967.html

Perhaps the connection with your 3p was not that great to begin with, it shouldn't take 10 minutes to update the OS. Some Mac users seem to have problems connecting to the 3p, and some MIDI interfaces are not suitable for doing OS updates. If you have a good quality MIDI interface, perhaps try it on a Windows PC.

The manual states the following at the bottom of the update section: "Press SHIFT and DRUM KIT SELECT while powering the unit up to start the Nord Drum 3P in Update Ready Mode, without booting from the currently installed Operating System." not sure when this is applicable, but the message in your screen suggests yours is already in this mode when you boot it up. It can't hurt to try it.

If all fails, perhaps you should contact the distributor, the contact form on the Nord website is forwarded to the distributor and Clavia (Nord). Maybe you can ask the store you bought it from to help you too..

Best of luck!
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