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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby ACCORDIONMAN » 07 Apr 2022, 22:06

FZiegler wrote:
Long answer short: I'd pick EP sounds, maybe from the 50/60ies up to the 80ies if I had to choose - together with AP for some music. And why not an accordion from time to time.

Thankyou - actually accordion is what I use for most gigs, the residents really seem to enjoy it. Today when I took the keyboard, for a short section I played a few excerpt of easy classical (Clare De Lune/ Prelude etc) I was surprised how much they enjoyed that part!
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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?


Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby Kevinology » 10 Apr 2022, 16:06

Definitely yes. When I was a freshman in Boston, I had a gig with Wuril in a nursing home. they reallly luved it!
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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby PScooter63 » 10 Apr 2022, 23:26

FZiegler’s comment about “music from their youth” extends beyond what was popular while they were on their prime (e.g., the 60s-70s).
Depending upon their circumstances, growing up, they were probably given a steady diet of what was popular with THEIR parents… and THAT stuck with them too.

Thus, at the retirement homes my band plays at, their favorite repertoire may run from Basin Street Blues, to R&B, all the way to 80s-90s power ballads… and everything in between.

Basically anything popular in the last 90 years is fair game if presented reasonably faithfully… and Cphollis’s remark on evoking memories is spot on. It really is important to stimulate (positive) memories at their ages.

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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby lawman » 18 Sep 2022, 10:43

I occasionally play old standards and show tunes on an old broken-down piano at the Memory Care Unit of a local nursing care facility, in remembrance of a family member who suffered for over 20 years with Alzheimer's Disease. I have read that the appreciation of music is one of the longest-lasting abilities of Alzheimer's patients, and doing this is always a gratifying and humbling experience. The abilities and conditions of the residents vary over a wide spectrum, but many of them greatly and openly appreciate it, and even those that don't seem as alert as others may nevertheless be enjoying some benefit. One gentleman in particular seemed to be asleep or lost in his individual fog, with his head lowered and his eyes closed the entire time. Yet, when I closed with In The Mood, his feet began moving and he was dancing again somewhere. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller, Tony Bennett, Perry Como and the like were, and still remain, rock stars to these folks. I would highly recommend doing something like this to anyone with even a modicum of ability and a willingness to help. Wrong notes really don't matter.

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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby koloman » 29 Sep 2022, 22:04

I enjoy this discussion :thumbup: because I will celebrate next month my 75th birthday. I play with my Nord Stage 2, Nord Wave 2, my two Saxophones and an EWI USB and enjoy all music which was already old as I was 21 in the revolutionary year 1968 from the 50th, but also music till now with all the great Rock-Bands until late works of persons like Mr. Clapton and many others also young people. Many younger people think elderly people stay with country music, "Blasmusik", "Schlager" and "piano instead of wurly". I try only to differentiate between good and bad music, music coming from the heart of musicians and music coming from "music industry" management.

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Re: OAP / Elderly / Seniors - Wurli acceptable?

Postby JayDee » 16 Nov 2022, 23:00

Wasn't Ray Charles famous for his use of the Wurli electric? His 1st 'hit' I believe Was Georgia in around 1960 and he enjoyed his greatest success around 60 years ago. Squarely in the retirement home demographic, and some excellent material for the Wurlitzer as well.
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