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Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away

Postby Tasten-Bert » 28 Oct 2022, 19:59

Very, very sad. I once saw him live at Helsinki. I will always love his playing style, his hammering. He was one of my idols. R.I.P., my dear.
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Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away


Re: Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away

Postby Schorsch » 28 Oct 2022, 22:47

:sad: R.I.P.
Regards Schorsch

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Re: Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away

Postby PolishPrince » 29 Oct 2022, 06:45

About 5 years ago, I bought a custom license plate holder and when it arrived, I went to the MVD to get a personalized plate.

Beleive it or not, this custom plate was denied because of the sound of the word "balls".. I followed protocol and mailed in my protest to the state along with the rendering I made explaining that the plate was paying homage to a legend of rock & roll. Even after my explanation, the state still denied production of this plate. Unreal.

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Re: Jerry Lee Lewis has passed away

Postby neomad » 29 Oct 2022, 10:55

RIP dear master
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