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Volume pedal technique Q

Postby dmamfmgm » 19 Sep 2022, 22:58

Hey, I have a morph pedal and the sustain pedal that came with my Nord. When standing, does anyone have any tips on how to manipulate the morph pedal? My foot is pretty busy with the sustain as it is.
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Volume pedal technique Q


Re: Volume pedal technique Q

Postby maxpiano » 20 Sep 2022, 07:30

Well "traditionally" keyboard instruments (pianos and organs) are played sitting and not standing, that's the way they are taught too in music schools too, I think for more than a reason; personally I always prefer to play sitting (worst case on a stool of appropriate height, if I need to keep the keyboards high) except some particular occasions when I also play them standing (no stool), but usually in these cases I play so that I don't have to action both pedals at the same time.

So in general my suggestion would be to try to reduce the usage of the sustain (there is sometimes a tendency to overuse it, also when keeping the keys pressed would be enough) in order to "create that little physical space" for the moments where you need to action the morph pedal.

Maybe people more used to play standing will give you more and better advices, but here are my 2รง on this :-)
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