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C2 w/Neo Ventilator

Postby tckelly47 » 21 Sep 2012, 05:31


I was wondering if anybody here uses the Neo Ventilator with their C1/C2/C2D and what their impressions were. I have a 122 but refuse to take it out - it's just not worth all of the back problems. The C2 through the 122 sounds unbelievable - I must admit but it is not at all practicle to take out. When playing live -I play the C2 through one 15" powered speaker(mono). No real estate for stereo in the small clubs that I play plus I am trying to minimize my setup and stage footprint. I am assuming the Vent would sound optimal in stereo but would it still be an enhancement in mono as opposed to the on-board Leslie sim. I did update my C2 to the current OS which includes the 122 Leslie sim and it sounds very good. Would the Vent be an improvement? Would it be an improvement even if set up in mono? I realize that this a very subjective question but I was just wondering what the concensus is amongst those who are using the Vent with their C1/C2/C2D's. I would have to think that the Ventilator sonically would fall somewhere between a real 122 and the C2's on-board Leslie sim. If that is the case than the Ventilator would indeed be an improvement.
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C2 w/Neo Ventilator


Re: C2 w/Neo Ventilator

Postby Mr_-G- » 21 Sep 2012, 23:37

And how does the ventilator compare with the Boss RT-20? There is a massive price difference...
I used an RT-20 to spice up a Yamaha P80 organ sound and I thought that it sounded nice.
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Re: C2 w/Neo Ventilator

Postby flmc59 » 23 Sep 2012, 09:54

Why not spend the money on a second self powered amp. An 8 inch light model just to give you the stereo spread
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Re: C2 w/Neo Ventilator

Postby docholladay » 01 Nov 2012, 06:53

I played ny C1 using the internal Leslie sim for a couple of years before acquiring a Neo Ventilator. I did A/B comparison at a gig and definitely found myself gravitating more to the Neo Ventilator sound. To my ears and taste, the advantages of the NV were:
-Ability to easily tweak acceleration, rotor speed, balance (top vs. bottom), overdrive, and mic distance in real time to suit the room/situation
-Rotary simulation is deeper/more pronounced (to a degree that is adjustable with the mic distance control)
-Even more than the rotary simulation, the extra "crunch" provided by the NV overdrive gives a great sound even when the horns are in slow (chorale) mode
-I have the remote pedal for the NV, which provides the brake (horns completely stopped) option. Although this can sound really great on a real Hammond/Leslie setup, it seems to lose a lot of presence compared to chorale on the NV.
-To use the C1 with the NV, the rotary option of the Nord should not be activated, or you get a warble on NV fast speed.
-The NV has a mono output, which sounds great. I've used the stereo outputs as well, but really have to be paying attention to appreciate the difference
-Even though I like the enhancement provided by the NV, sometimes when in a quick on/off the stage situation, I go back to the C1 internal Leslie sim for simplicity, and it still sounds really good.
-Other conifgurations that I use include Hammond M3/Leslie 145, Nord C1/145, Hammond XK2/NV, etc. They all sound really good.
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Re: C2 w/Neo Ventilator

Postby Clonewheeler53 » 15 Sep 2022, 01:54

My Neo Vent II transformed my Nord C2 to the extent that I've decided to forego the OS 2.0 installation. My C2, with the "Clean" tonewheel set, sounds outstandingly good, through the Vent II and into a pair of JBL EON 15 G2 cabinets. I play many styles and kick bass pedals, on Jazz gigs. The Vent II's overdrive is the icing on my sound's cake; there's simply nothing else like it, including real tube overdrive, in my experience.
I've gigged with BC/B3 consoles and various Leslies, for 53 years. I've also owned nearly every clonewheel organ, MAG and Hammond XK5 excepted, and nearly every Leslie simulator/stomp box. My buck stops with my C2 & Vent II.
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