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Old Nord Drum Pattern Sequencer? "DerBlankeHans"

Postby theOrchestra » 05 Aug 2022, 05:42

Hello All,

I came across an old post (from 2013, linked below) about a custom pattern sequencer that a user had developed for use with a computer and the Nord Drum. The application is called "Der Blanke Hans".

Original Post: post155599.html#p155599

Unfortunately, the link to the original program is no longer active. Does anyone here happen to still have a copy of the dmg or exe hanging around? If so, I'd greatly appreciate it, as I've got a fringe use case for some old hardware. A pm or reply to this post would be welcome.

Thanks, to anyone who can help me out. :mrgreen:
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Old Nord Drum Pattern Sequencer? "DerBlankeHans"


Re: Old Nord Drum Pattern Sequencer? "DerBlankeHans"

Postby Schorsch » 05 Aug 2022, 12:15

Here you go: https://web.archive.org/web/20160630090420/http://www.weissesbuero.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/DerBlankeHans-9-7-3.zip

But as Max already mentioned in the other thread it will likely not work on current MacOS versions
Regards Schorsch

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