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Wave 2 OS Update 1.22 - Finally!!!

Postby marcomixtle » 04 Jul 2022, 22:08

v1.22 (2022-07-01)
  • Improvements to Unison for Sync waveforms
  • In Solo mode it was still possible to enable and disable Layers. Now it always reverts to the configuration as set when entering Solo mode
  • Fixed minor bug related to the Reverb effect
  • Improvements to Wavetables in high pitch range
  • MIDI Program Change behaviour (Off, Send, Receive, Send/Receive) did not always reflect current settings after boot. Fixed
  • Accomodates production component change

Glad the midi bug is fixed. I am curious about what the production component change is.
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Wave 2 OS Update 1.22 - Finally!!!


Re: Wave 2 OS Update 1.22 - Finally!!!

Postby ThyagoAmaral » 07 Jul 2022, 02:27

The midi bug referring to the Program Change only receiving the command and making the change of the timbre via MIDI was not resolved.

Wave 2 only makes the switch if it is using the same MIDI channel, but sending the sound to the keyboard of the other instrument.

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Re: Wave 2 OS Update 1.22 - Finally!!!

Postby mkastrup » 20 Jul 2022, 12:42

Well they did NOT fix the missing DELAY from PATTERN STEPS which are set to PAN RIGHT position when using PING PONG Delay.
It must be possible since using LAYER PAN dont have that problem.

And we are still left with a VERY weak Filter Drive compared to A1 and NL4.

Normally i would expect to see alot of people cheering since we waited soooooooo long for an update but i guess people are underwhelmed by this update just like me.
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Re: Wave 2 OS Update 1.22 - Finally!!!

Postby DJKeys » 23 Jul 2022, 20:52

The drive algorithms are my only real complaint about my NW2. I really wish they would address them. Very happy with the board other than that. I really love drive/distortion and it is so hard to get it right with the existing algorithms, they are just so thin and weak.

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