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Nord Lead 1 won’t turn on/ intermittent, need help

Postby oliverbajza » 22 Jun 2022, 21:17

Got the original nord lead, sometimes I can power it on but then it just suddenly dies and only the leds light up but no sound no lcd. when it’s on it works perfectly. Anyone got an idea? I already done the usual things, replaced the capacitors
replaced couple of transistors in the psu, reheated the mother board, replaced the firmware chip for the latest but still the same, one heatsink gets really hot on the psu board and when I leave the unit off for a while and open the case then it turns on again for a while. could it be the psu? is there a place where I could buy a new one?
I would appreciate any help! thanks!
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Nord Lead 1 won’t turn on/ intermittent, need help


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