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Re: Nord Grand vs Kawai + software?

Postby davisjj » 06 May 2022, 17:49

I'm by no means a virtuoso or even a good jazz player. I'm 45 and revisiting my education on it all though. I understand that I went with a very expensive option, so don't take this as a best practice or anything. I bought the Kawai MP11se. I love the action. I didn't love the sound. I didn't want to return it, so I now have the Kawai MP11se on the bottom, with an S3C above it, and a Wave 2 above that. Loving it.
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Re: Nord Grand vs Kawai + software?


Re: Nord Grand vs Kawai + software?

Postby Swampfox » 10 May 2022, 23:30

I have a Mason and Hamlin piano, a Kawai MP11SE, and a NS3. The MP11SE is by far the most realistic piano action you can find on a slab piano. It's not exactly like the real thing but it's very close. To step up you need to move to a hybrid piano or acoustic grand. I've played an MP7 and it's a completely different action. Personally, I think the piano sounds on the Kawai are more realistic sounding than the majority of piano sounds of NS3 but the NS3 is just so much more versatile, honestly they aren't really even in the same device class. Then again, I'd not call the MP11SE 'portable' not unless you have a crew. I know some of this isn't relevant to the NP5 or NG piano but the MP11SE is kind of a niche unit.
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Re: Nord Grand vs Kawai + software?

Postby M1tsos » 12 May 2022, 00:48

The kawai mp11se has arrived.. after playing 1 hour with it next to the nord grand.. i can say that the piano sound samples are crap compared to the nord grand… the keybed feels like it has some quality and its really natural wooden keys.. but i didnt like the key return.. it doesnt come back fast.. nord grand has a lot faster key response after you press it full it returns back fast… after i played 1 hour with kawai mp11se and then gone to grand the grand felt like toy very easy and fast to play …. I will give it more trys tommorow..

I also check midi them and i notice that the sound of nord pianos made the kawai keybed feel lighter..

Both velocitys at factory startup
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Re: Nord Grand vs Kawai + software?

Postby pertietblues » 14 May 2022, 22:42

any new thoughts on the comparison?
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