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Dark folk band

Postby Elizz » 05 Jan 2022, 00:20

Wanna share some of my music and hear yours opinion
Watch on

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Dark folk band


Re: Dark folk band

Postby JayDee » 11 Jan 2022, 17:34

A double shot of forum musicians this morning. I am really intrigued by the Wicker Man legend and the song is very evocative. I liked it.
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Re: Dark folk band

Postby haleyb » 19 Jan 2022, 10:18

cool sound. I like it
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Re: Dark folk band

Postby CountFosco » 19 Jan 2022, 22:59

That's cool, I love a 12/8. Nice melodic riff, tasty instrumentation, and you fit a perfect dynamic shape into those 2 minutes.
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