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Re: no Sample Library, Sound Manager, Sound Editor Piano 5

Postby maxpiano » 15 Nov 2021, 09:37

wtibbit wrote:
maxpiano wrote:
FZiegler wrote:As you do, maxpiano, I suggested Piano 5 users to try to load older versions of the samples - preferably v2 samples. But I'm no as sure as you are that the NSM actually already converts older samples into NSL4 versions for the Piano 5. .

Well the NSM release notes say it should convert v3 to v4 since v 7.60, let me copy them here again (in full):

v7.60 (2021-08-13)
Mac OS app is now notarized by Apple
Fixed bug where conversion to .nsmp3 format did not work as expected for Nord Wave 2
Fixed bug where conversion of multiple .nsmp files could cause application to shut down
User created .nsmp files can now be converted to .nsmp4 format for use on Nord Piano 5
Added support for Mac OS dark mode

and user created could be also v3 now, I may be wrong anyway, but I'd at least try. :-)

I downloaded a random sample from the Nord Sample Library 3.0 (Almglocken_ST Stereo 3.1.nsmp3) and used the latest version of the Sound Manager (v7.62) to try to move the sample onto my Piano 5 and, hopefully, convert it to .nsmp4 format. It doesn't work. The Sound Manager presented an error dialog telling me that the sample file was the incorrect format for my instrument. Well, I at least tried... :|

Good test and I guess this explains why the release notes say "user created" only samples, so not Nord Library's. Could you re-test with a user sample (e.g. from this site Samples area)?
PS: of course this confirms the fact that as long as Nord is behind with the release of the whole official v4 Library, NP5 users are limited to the factory loaded .nsmp4 set, alas and have all the rights to be very disappointed with this.
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Re: no Sample Library, Sound Manager, Sound Editor Piano 5


Re: no Sample Library, Sound Manager, Sound Editor Piano 5

Postby wtibbit » 15 Nov 2021, 17:35

When I get a moment I'll test a user generated sample of a sax. It sounded great on my NS3. Hopefully it will work. Meanwhile, we wait...
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Re: no Sample Library, Sound Manager, Sound Editor Piano 5

Postby tsss27 » 25 Nov 2021, 03:13

I suspect by "user-created" they actually mean samples you have actually created yourself; I.E. you cannot convert any pre-made nsmp or nsmp3 file, only a new sample project before it is saved as a sample file. I could be wrong, but it would make sense because the factory and user nsmp files are identical, aren't they?
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