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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby cphollis » 18 Oct 2021, 03:32

The software emulations these days are really, really good. As an example, check out the IK B-3X on an iPad using headphones -- and that's sort of the bar out there, not to mention the Mojo engine and others. The high-end Hammond probably wins on pure playing experience, so there's only so much market.
I think I have gear issues ....
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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?


Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby StrangeAeons » 18 Oct 2021, 11:31

The Legend's a bit overrated honestly. I owned for a little over a year before buying my Electro: it sounds better on some aspects (mainly percussion), inferior on others (the overdrives are plain terrible), on par on most things. The Mojo and the HX3 are, on the other hand, definitely superior (whenever I have to record, I opt for the VB3 II), but it's not like Nord's as behind as, say, Korg's CX-3 and Yamaha's YC simulations: Clavia surely need to improve the Leslie (hopefully re-introducing a 145 simulation) and the C/V, but it's doable.

I refuse to believe Nord would stop investing on one of the main reasons they became one of the most acclaimed keyboard manufacturers. I mean, many of us need the beautiful EPs and the sample library but still play the B3 as their main instrument! I agree we might not see a new dual-manual organ: since the Mojo Classic sells for just 1700€, a Nord C3 would need a street price of 2000€ in order to be competitive, and I really can't see Clavia pricing a C2D successor reasonably. Still, I'm sure Nord's working on the B3 simulation behind the scenes (it would be nice if they modelled a couple different organs, both Crumar and Viscount lets you choose from tons of models, like the beautiful A100).
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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby LeftyBass68 » 25 Oct 2021, 01:52

The bridge of HMCS Kitsilano
IMG_20211024_150716897.jpg (3.34 MiB) Viewed 420 times
The flight decks of HMCS Kitsilano
IMG_20210623_111934793.jpg (2.74 MiB) Viewed 420 times

My guess? Forever!

Once a Nord organ is preamped with the real deal AO28 original,it behaves better.The rca preamp input is not an ornament. Expression on FC7 still not the same as real deal,AO28 gets it a lot closer to behaving proper though.
The steel Boss pedals have a shallower travel for seated performing than an FC7!This Stage3 Compact likes it's 390 pound stand!
On the C2D,still use Ventilator and other second party FX.A real 122/142 Leslie will bail any Nord out! Building a real AO28 preamp 'lunchbox' to get what I need. Lounsberry TallFat/Wide not an AO28!
Will use the 1/4" line level out of C2D into AO28,that way the Leslie will see more than the 11V RMS from the C2D.About 16V RMS out can make a 122 or 147 treble horn cranky! Careful!
11V RMS is the 'rentals' market output for anyone playing a 'governed' rental.Not even close to old school levels of a modified touring Hammond.
Don't mind the extra gear once on a 'pedalboard',need damper,speed/expression on every gig anyway.It's all preset to work on the floor too.No more time than individual wires and pedals for set-ups.

No voltage drops or padding.Original Neo Vent input right off red and ground.(single leg hi-z) of the AO28 preamp.Padding is for rental outfits worried about the drivers.
Those Meyer UPM-1P speakers down below? In stereo don't really miss the Leslie much,if at all.
Extra bass supplied by original AO39 17 watt 2X12" A100 amplifier! Still reproduces lowest octave good enough to mix in! Tubes baby! Real 17 watts.A real Leslie is 35-40 watts if that.
The Meyer UPM-1P pick up where the 'dulled intentionally' trebles vanish on the original A100 built in 'tone cab'.,add the key click Hammond was so desperate to hide.No cheekblock toys needed.
When I need more or different overdrive,the Boog Model D and Neutron have external inputs.They run circles around stompboxes.Real analog ring modulations etc.
B3/A100 etc allowing me to coax more realistic tones from the clones!

Nord needs to add the R1 bypass mod to it's organ menu.The volume drop on perc normal is so 'stock' and lame.Nord should insert a guitar amp and overdrive sim, 'pre' Leslie sim.
I run the speaker outs of guitar amps right into a tube Leslie with a Nord as the instrument...many others do this too.Come on Nord,you can get off your duff and do this!
Where did the mid range go, evident on StageEX,Electro2 organs? Valid question Nord has never answered,along with many more.

Resting on laurels is what rock stars with one hit tend to do.Wish I was that lucky......Nord now stumbling badly through sophomoric attempts to get back the minuscule market share of clones,my opinion of the situation.
They could shock the 5000 or so players that use clones to make a living with something new,likely glad to be 'out of the game' is most probable.
If they get back in,we know it will be well built? Let's hope,don't bother building me one.Not in the market.A102 will run long after the chips give it up!
IMG_20200928_101608124 (1).jpg
Below the decks of HMCS Kitsilano
IMG_20200928_101608124 (1).jpg (3.13 MiB) Viewed 420 times
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