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Re: Brand new Piano 5. I can hear the power supply buzzing.

Postby sentionaut » 25 Sep 2021, 02:08

dcjams wrote:
sentionaut wrote:
Good luck and please report back. I was just reading through some other posts on this forum and others and it sounds like its common enough.

I've also been somewhat surprised by the discovery after what sounds like similar research to yourself.

The first thing worth saying is, other than this issue, the Nord has completely surpassed my expectations. It's a truly gorgeous instrument. It's my first Nord too.

I suppose manufacturers are constantly making decisions balancing cost, design, function, use etc. It may well be that Nord figure that they create instruments for live use where for the most part mechanical noise will never be noticed. Sure, I'd rather pay more to guarantee none, but it might explain their reasoning.

I certainly much prefer an internal power supply to a wall-wart.

I really hope your replacement is free of issues.

In my little studio I have two products with OLED screens, both from Elektron and there is no noise from these at all. And I have never seen Elektron users complain about noise from their screens. I also have an Sequential OB6, I've owned other Dave Smith synths in the past as well and there has never been any issues with power supply noise. They all have internal power supplies as well.

So I am very surprised to read so many comments from Nord users saying its normal and you just have to live with it. It should not matter if the instrument is used on stage or in a studio, a high end instrument like this should not have these issues. The fact that some people report it and some people do not and some people report it after a period of use, to me says these issues are preventable and that Nord has either cut corners, has poor quality control or doesn't care about its customers. Perhaps a combination of all three?
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Re: Brand new Piano 5. I can hear the power supply buzzing.



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