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Very OT: MainStage as an internal VST?

Postby PScooter63 » 07 Jul 2021, 17:47

Reaching out to the community in desperation, as Apple Support forums are silent on this for a week. (Yes, this is arguably the wrong place to ask, except that there are some experienced MainStage users here, and I am a relative newb.)

MainStage documentation focuses on input from physically attached or chained MIDI controllers as event drivers, and is well capable of managing those, outputting them to external apps such as VSTs, etc.

But what about accepting automated input events from another app running on the same workstation? Specifically, notation apps such as Finale or Notion, that can address VSTs via IAC Drivers... there's ample documentation on how to set those programs up to send, but not MainStage to receive.

I've spent a couple of days trying variations in IAC Driver configs with no success. Has anyone successfully done this before, and if so, how?
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Very OT: MainStage as an internal VST?


Re: Very OT: MainStage as an internal VST?

Postby maxpiano » 07 Jul 2021, 19:27

Rather than using IAC it is better to use Virtual MIDI ports and routing, such as the ones provided by MIDI Patchbay https://notahat.com/midi_patchbay/
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