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Mellotron layer

Postby StrangeAeons » 01 May 2021, 22:47

Hi, this is a patch that will mainly benefit Electro users. As most of you know, the Mellotron could mix up to two tapes, thus creating a layer of two sounds. You can achieve the same result on a Stage because of its multitimbrality, but not an Electro unfortunately. Two users here came up with two beautiful patches, one with a violin-flute split and another with a mix of violins and brasses. So, I thought I'd mix up violins, flutes and even a choir. It's not totally faithful since it's three sounds layered together (something you could only achieve through overdub in the past) and the samples aren't Nord's official Mellotron tapes, but they're still good enough: it's basically that kind of rich Mellotronish sound you might need for a prog or late 60s songs.

P.S. in the audio demo the sustain is pretty short, but I actually looped the waveforms as best I could. Also, I suggest adding a touch of attack in order to suppress a hint of clipping present in the samples.

Mello Layer.nsmp
Sample Library 2.0 version
(1.75 MiB) Downloaded 17 times

Mello Layer.nsmp3
Sample Library 3.0 version
(1.76 MiB) Downloaded 20 times
Untitled 55_1#14.5Pid.mp3
Audio demo
(543.9 KiB) Downloaded 186 times
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Mellotron layer


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