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Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby WannitBBBad » 26 Mar 2021, 18:54

Hi everyone. Recently finding out how easy Nord has made it to develop custom samples, I sampled two new Nord Stage 3 programs for "Jump" by Van Halen so users of other Nord keyboards can use them. The sample file(s) and Stage 3 programs can be found at LINK--> nord-stage-3-programs-ns3p-ns3pb-files-f32/van-halen-jump-free-to-a-good-home-t15857-30.html

Updated April 2, 2021
: Each NSMP file features doubled-up synths for the intro using my Panel A synth for "Jump" and the "Final Brass Motif.nsmp3" sample posted Ivan Jochner in Panel B to add a little more punch, and strings on the high end from my other Jump program. Using octave shifting you can play the main part as loaded and then shift it up a couple octaves to have the strings on the right hand. Four NSMP files (XL, L, M, S) are provided with the "XL" being fully mapped and the "S" file using the selected samples. A fifth NSMP file is provided (the smallest) for those just looking for the intro synth without strings added. Here's an example of the "S" NSMP file played on the Stage 3 with reverb/EQ added. Take care.
MP3 Example of VH Jump W Small NSMP.mp3
MP3 Example of "VH Jump W S.nsmp" with doubled-up synths for intro and string at high end.
(1.93 MiB) Downloaded 280 times
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Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample


Re: Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby alex78 » 26 Mar 2021, 20:04

Good job WannitBBBad, it's a very accurate sound you've created here. Thanks for nsmp version!

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Re: Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby Projet Xion » 27 Mar 2021, 00:25

Very nice sound indeed, a nice tribute to Eddy !

Thanks a lot WannitBBBad, especially for the *.nsmp version.

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Re: Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby Tasten-Bert » 27 Mar 2021, 01:55

Wow! This is a great one, I look forward to testing it. Think it‘ll replace my actual one. Thanks for providing.
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Re: Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby imacman » 27 Mar 2021, 03:09

Wow! Great sample, WannitBBBad ! Thank you very much!!!
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Re: Van Halen "Jump" NSMP Sample

Postby Berretje » 27 Mar 2021, 18:02

Sounds very rich and genuine!

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