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Postby FloydMD » 24 Aug 2020, 22:21

Hullo Chaps

New to Nord and new here. Please help an old noob!

I've just bought the Pink Floyd Essential sound pack for Nord 6D from synthonia. When I load the Shine On bundle the 2 sounds in the fade in which occur in the video fade in do not seem to appear anywhere. The whole package works really well other than these 2 samples being missing. Have contacted support there and am awaiting answer just thought someone here might know what I could check? This is a link to the vid which persuaded me to buy the damn thing and the missing samples occur at about 5 secs in and 9 secs in. Currently we operate these from the desk and I was hoping to do it from the stage

If anyone can help or suggest anything it would be appreciated! :thanx:

On a second point - some of the collections are programs and some are bundles.... is there a way to select a program from a bundle so I don't have to load the whole thing>
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Postby Schorsch » 24 Aug 2020, 22:38


can’t help you on the missing samples, but if you want to load just a program from a bundle you can rename the file extension of the bundle file to .zip, then extract the zip file into a directory on your computer and you will have all contents available individually including programs, which you can load with Nord sound manager now.
Regards Schorsch

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Postby Cosmic1 » 20 Feb 2021, 20:29


did you ever get a response about the missing samples? I was also wondering about the same issue- the nord patch is great but definitely missing those 2 sounds for the intro and I'd like to have that as a separate sample trigger.

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