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Nord Lead 2X Sensitivity

Postby Knaft » 12 Jan 2021, 20:38

Hi! I recently acquired a Nord Lead 2X from a trade, and have been having a blast with it! But unfortunately I do not own a midi keyboard, so I'm looking to control my midi instruments with the Leads MIDI Out, but I'm having a very unpleasant time with the velocity sensitivity of the keys. I have to hit the chords unpleasantly hard to get a good amount of velocity, and its very easy to go over the top and get a maximum value of 127. This is especially dominant when playing 7 Chords, It's very difficult to get every single note out of chords consistently. Also it doesn't send midi from a slight touch, you have to give a certain amount of force before it sends even a 1.

I opened the keyboard and checked for any dirt under the keys, but I cleaned out the small amount of debree that there was, but it did not change anything. I also checked the manual for anything to do with adjusting the velocity sensitivity, but I can't seem to find anything useful. I would not like to adjust my playing style to an overly hard hitting style, because that will definitely impact my playing on my other instruments.

soooo... Does anyone more wiser than me have any solutions or even an explanation of some sort?

:thanks: Knaft!
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Nord Lead 2X Sensitivity


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